Apparently Even Cinderella isn’t a Perfect Fairytale

It was a beautiful day outside for mid-February in Michigan.  It actually hit 60 degrees!

This photoshoot was different for me for several reasons:

  1. Instead of going by the river, Beaumont Tower, or the other typical places on the North side of campus, I headed further South.  I went to the train tracks.
  2. Normally, I have my camera on auto, but I decided to experiment today and play with the manual settings.

I was surprised by everything I found by the train tracks: train tracks and signs (duh), graffiti, cinderella’s slipper and other various things.

Apparently Cinderella either caught the train on the way home or got hit by the train trying to get to her car, but either way, it doesn’t look like a fairytale ending.

I hope you enjoy the new pictures and the rest are uploaded in the photography album 🙂


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