go under

things are always different under the surface; sometimes you have to make an effort to take the harder, rougher path to be able to see the beauty hidden under.

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Abandoned Garden

Yesterday started out so shitty.

Nothing was going right.

But I wasn’t going to let it ruin the beautiful day.

A long walk.

A girl with her camera.


Stumbled upon a garden.

Dead and empty.

Too early in spring to be alive.

Yet beautiful.

Abandoned, empty, dead, but oh so beautiful.

Just Keep Driving into the Sun

The best part about being in school – Spring Break.

Driving 18 hours to Florida.

Laying on the beach everyday.

Hitting the town every night.

Avoiding all responsibilities.

Enjoying the nice weather.

Never wanting to return.


Lets just stay.

And never go back.

Unconventional Models


Conventionally thought of as anorexic, ribs showing, photoshopped, plastic surgery on various features, etc.

Those models are what little girls see.

That is what they believe is the standard of beauty.

What actually is beauty?

It comes from loving yourself and realizing that looks are not everything.

Learning to love yourself in today’s culture is hard.

Not having the plastic-surgery perfect breasts, ribs showing, flat stomach, perfect ass…

It is easy to forget how fake that look is and all that matters is that we love ourselves.

Here are some of the natural beauties in my life.


Thank You to my Person


Thank you.

Thank you for making everything we do fun

For always knowing how to make me smile

For being yourself

And loving me even when I am completely weird and insane.

For understanding that sometimes I get hangry

For visiting and helping me get through each semester

For picking me up when I am down

For loving me with all of your heart.

Thank you, sweetheart, for being the one for me.

I love you very much.



Apparently I Do Have My Ducks In a Row

This weekend had me at a loss and frazzled until I went on a mid afternoon Sunday adventure.  Yesterday, I decided to go on a walk around campus to gain inspiration.  I needed something to lift my spirits after a flustering weekend.  And then I ran into the river that runs through the middle of campus and found the exact answer I was looking for.

The ducks.

According to the ducks, I don’t have to give a duck to have all of my ducks in order; things will fall into place on their own.

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